80 Years Lissa Quinlan

The Quinlan Companies
By Lissa Quinlan, President


Two young brothers, Aubrey (23) & Clark (28) Quinlan start Safetyloid Co., an X-ray film reclamation business in Kittery, ME, focusing on reclaiming the base plastic from the film to be stripped, dyed and used as menu covers, wallet picture holders and pinwheel novelty items


Due to rapid growth, the Quinlan brothers move Safetyloid's headquarters to Wakefield, MA


Aubrey Quinlan is called to advise a congressional committee on recovering silver from X-rays and uses for the celluloid base


Aubrey Quinlan was asked to advise the Massachusetts House of Representatives investigating the Coconut Grove fire (scene of the deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history) as to the cause, and subsequent deaths from lung failure. The nightclubs walls were covered with a material made from Nitrate film, which seared the lungs of many people who initially escaped the fire


Aubrey Quinlan and his young son, Tom, pick up X-ray salvage from area hospitals with the family's 'Woody' station wagon


Aubrey and Clark Quinlan present then Senator Edward M. Kennedy with an honorary bust of the late President John F. Kennedy

Aubrey and Clark Quinlan present Senator Edward M. Kennedy with an honorary bust of the late President John F. Kennedy
Aubrey and Clark Quinlan present Senator Edward M. Kennedy with an honorary bust of the late President John F. Kennedy


The plastic film base changed and the value of silver began to increase, changing the X-ray salvage business to one of silver reclaiming, and recycling the PET base to manufacture outdoor furniture, decking material and trunk mats


Aubrey's son, Tom Quinlan, takes over the company's leadership role, as CEO


As hospital building costs rise, Safetyloid adds an X-ray film storage facility to their long-term X-ray salvage business, as a cost savings alternative for hospitals


Northeast Medical Archives forms as a medical records storage, retrieval and relocation services' company. Tom Quinlan develops QuinlanVault as an inventory-tracking system for X-rays moving between the company and the hospital


Lissa Quinlan joins the company as an Account Manager after graduating from Elon University


Safetyloid & Northeast Medical Archives move to the current corporate headquarters location in Providence, RI


Tom Cinquini, COO and Nicole Quinlan, CFO & Treasurer join the executive team. Tom joins The Company after a long, distinguished career in Radiology Management with Rhode Island Hospital and Southcoast Hopsitals Group. Nicole graduated from Philips Andover Academy and University of Colorado at Boulder.

Nicole stayed with the company until 2004, when she decides to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. She is now Managing Director of Citizen Schools and maintains her position on The Quinlan Companies board


Lissa QuinlanThe Quinlan Companies is incorporated as the new parent company name, and Tom's daughter, Lissa Quinlan is named President the position she holds today. The new Y2K compliant QuinlanVault, the Company's secure, real-time records inventory management system is rolled-out for immediate online ordering


The Company expands its capacity by adding new state-of-the-art records library in RI and updates QuinlanVault to help clients to comply with increasing regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA


Michael Cooley joins the Company as CEO, focused on expansion and The Quinlan Companies begins the process of expanding into digital records conversion and electronic records storage


The Quinlan Companies expands its records management business by acquiring facilities in Florida, Maryland and Texas


The Quinlan Companies rounds out its 'information management' presence by providing digital Mammography conversion services for the military and commercial hospitals


Awarded a GSA contract enabling The Quinlan Companies to sell to the federal government and earning more military hospital conversion projects


The Quinlan Companies expands its presence in Rhode Island by adding another new facility in West Warwick


The Quinlan Companies launches QuinlanVault 2.0, an enhanced and feature-rich upgrade to QuinlanVault, as the new image management and records inventory management system

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