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Mammography Film Digitizing

For the past several years we are one of the few companies who have been providing a service to successfully assist our customers in making the conversion from analog to digital film. Transitioning your analog mammography film to digital mammography can be a very costly undertaking and can take years to complete. At the same time many states require that patients have access to their mammography records for many years after the exam. The Quinlan Companies offer a solution that can save time, money and free up storage areas that can be used as a revenue-generating space rather than a storage facility. By outsourcing your on-site mammography storage and digitizing needs to The Quinlan Companies, you are able to store your mammography for a low monthly cost, as well as taking advantage of the prompt, safe and secure digitalization of your mammography films.

With more and more facilities producing digital mammography, analog films are becoming a bulky and often unreliable source of comparison to the newer, cleaner digital format. The Quinlan Companies can provide the storage space for your analog films and can return to you a digital image of the analog film, allowing technicians the ability to compare similar looking films, without the loss of resolution.

When you request an analog mammography film from The Quinlan Companies, you are provided with a clear, concise and comparable image that makes side-by-side comparisons much more reliable. Digitizing your films with The Quinlan Companies will improve your workflow by giving you easy access to film-based mammography studies as well as the documents accompanying these studies. The on-demand digitalization process provided by The Quinlan Companies allows you the flexibility to digitize only the films you need to see on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Digital mammography provides your patients a greater peace of mind, by allowing technicians to compare "apples to apples" images as opposed to translating analog films to correspond with the new digital images. Not only does the digital image provide a more accurate view, it also improves the workflow of your staff by allowing technicians the convenience of working only at the digital workstation without the time-consuming, cumbersome task of hanging and viewing films on a light box.

By using the steps outlined below, your staff will see immediate improvement in their workflow:

You are in control of the information you need anytime and anywhere Internet access is available.

Mammography Digitizing FAQ