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Radiology Film Digitizing

For the past several years we are one of the few companies who have been providing a service to successfully help our customers make the conversion from analog to digital film. Scanning and electronically storing all of your existing radiology films can be a costly and often unnecessary undertaking. The Quinlan Companies can provide a safe, HIPAA compliant, cost effective conversion solution that can digitize your radiology films in an on-demand format.

In today's economy, the cost of scanning all of your radiology records into digital format can be prohibitive. The Quinlan Companies will provide the storage space for all of your existing radiology films. With our web based inventory system, your technicians need only request the individual films too be viewed, and The Quinlan Companies staff will take care of the rest. The process is simple, safe, and saves time, space, and money by merely following the steps outlined below:

With this secure, easy to use, process, the images that you requested are now available for you to store in your server or PACS system or, for a minimal fee, are available to be stored indefinitely in QuinlanVault for future reference. Your records are safe, your information is secure and your radiology jackets are stored off-site, allowing you to use valuable storage space to generate revenue while modernizing your view of requested radiology films.

Radiology Digitizing FAQ