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The Quinlan Advantage

Since 1932 the Quinlan family has recycled, reclaimed, and environmentally treated photographic waste. Our photo waste services provide:

Environmental Program:
When you become part of The Quinlan Companies photographic waste management program, you can expect professional, courteous, round-the-clock service from our technician team. Technicians will install all necessary equipment, and change the equipment in the event of a change in discharge limits. With over twenty-years of experience, our team guarantees that your equipment is always working properly, efficiently, and within environmental compliance regulations. Our solution is not a "quick fix," but rather an ongoing process of maintenance and care. We take great pride in providing professional, environmental, and technical support for all of our customers.
All service technicians have completed the required photographic waste management handling training:

  1. HM 126F Hazmat Transportation training (49 CFR Subpart H of Part 172 including HM-126 and HM-181)
  2. CDL training review including Hazmat Endorsement Training
  3. EPA Sampling Protocol 40 (CFR part 136)
  4. Hazwoper Spill Training (C29 CFR 1910.120 through Level III)
  5. Thorough factory training on silver recovery equipment, wash water and fixer re circulators, trailing filters, and resin systems

Here's how The Quinlan Companies works with you through the film reclamation life-cycle:

Each municipality determines its own discharge limits.
The Quinlan Companies will customize a compliance program to fit your individual environmental needs. We guarantee environmental compliance with routine service programs and procedures, and will insure that your company adapts to changing discharge limits. Service usually includes an intensive sixty day inspection of your discharge followed by monthly samples of your waste water.

Quality Assurance
Under The Quinlan Companies' photo waste services program, samples will be taken regularly (in accordance with environmental regulation laws) by our technicians using EPA regulated sampling methods. Quality assurance logs will always accompany each processor location - a Federal and State requirement. Emergency service is always available from The Quinlan Companies all day, every day. We understand the importance of staying within environmental compliance, that is why our dependable, thorough service program is at your fingertips at all times.
For information on New England environmental compliance issues, visit

Contact a sales account manager for information about the discharge limit in your area. Remember - our initial environmental consultation is FREE OF CHARGE!

Photographic Waste Management/Reclamation FAQ