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Enabling On-Demand Access to Physical Offsite or Digital Documents

VaultQuinlanVault® is an integrated image management and record inventory management solution that provides easy and secure, on-demand access to offsite documents, putting critical information within reach of your decision makers. Now you can intelligently manage your records inventory with this high-capacity, 24x7 virtual delivery system.

Having stored files or records delivered by truck or courier can take time and the costs can escalate. With QuinlanVault's on-demand access, you can request to have documents imaged & made available electronically anytime, from your desktop, smart phone or tablet device, dramatically enhancing workflow speed and saving money.

QuinlanVault allows you to:

If you are looking for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of your scanned documents for data analytics, QuinlanVault can support this process.

'Private Cloud' Solution

The QuinlanVault solution is offered as a 'private cloud', and is the quickest and easiest way for you to go live within 24 hours and offers predictable costs and a pay-as-you-go model. Gain access to QuinlanVault via any computer, smart phone or tablet device with an Internet browser, and a username and password for security. Data security is handled by QuinlanVault's SSL industry-standard encryption as the data enters and leaves the 'vault'. Customization options are also available.

QuinlanVault Key Product Features:

The QuinlanVault can lower your storage costs, as electronic record storage is less expensive than paper storage. And finally, QuinlanVault can be your disaster recovery and business continuity solution. With our redundant storage arrays and daily backup, your information is kept safe in case of a natural or human-induced disaster, and allows you to continue your normal business operations.

For more information or to get a demo of QuinlanVault contact your regional sales manager at 888-416-5353.

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