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Inventory Integrity Operational Procedures

Safeguarding Your Records

The Quinlan Companies requires customers to use cartons that are of sound condition and that are capable of supporting the weight of other cartons placed above them. One of The Quinlan Companies' Inventory Integrity Operational Procedures is to identify and isolate any cartons that are found to be materially damaged, including during the inbound and outbound processes.

A carton is considered to be materially damaged if it has torn seams, a damaged top that no longer secures the contents, a bottom that is falling out, or a side that has collapsed or is at risk of collapse, is crushed, is held together by tape, has water damage or is so full that the top can not be secured. Please see the illustration of a carton that would require reboxing.

Varieties of Box Damage

Why does The Quinlan Companies have inventory integrity operational procedures?

Providing secure storage for your information is a top concern at The Quinlan Companies. Records kept within a deteriorated carton are at risk, both in our facility and while in transit. In cases where records are in transit, these cartons raise the risk of compromising or losing your information. And even when records are located within our records center, an excessively deteriorated or damaged carton represents an unacceptable risk. If a carton falls apart or collapses from the weight of other cartons in the rack, this could result in damage to your records as well as to those of other customers.

What causes cartons to fail?

Poor Construction. Several different types of cartons are commercially available on the market, many of which are not designed for long-term archival storage. One way to gauge the quality of a carton is through stacking weight, which refers to the amount of weight that can be stacked on top of a carton. In addition to stacking weight, other factors affect construction quality, such as the grade of paper material utilized, the type of adhesive used, and certain design elements, like the flute direction. The depth of its top can also be a factor. The deeper the top, the more structural integrity it lends to the carton and to its handles. A deeper top will also help a carton to retain its shape and lessen the stress applied to the handles.

Age. No matter how well constructed a carton, it will eventually begin to deteriorate. Depending on the construction of the carton and the environmental conditions (moisture and humidity), carton life can range from six months to 10 years.

Overpacking. Overpacking a carton can lead to increased stress on the container itself and can ultimately shorten its lifespan.

Underpacking. Just like overpacking, under-packing, too, can shorten the life of a carton. When a carton is full, the contents help to support the overall structural integrity, preventing the sides from buckling under the weight of cartons stacked on top of it.

Handling. The more a carton is handled, the faster it will deteriorate. The better a carton is constructed, the longer it will last.

What can I do to minimize reboxing in the future?

What should I look for in a carton and use The Quinlan Companies' boxes?

What are my options regarding reboxing?

Choose from the following two options for reboxing damaged cartons. Customers can switch between options at any time by contacting customer service.

Always Rebox. The Quinlan Companies will automatically rebox damaged cartons as they are encountered.

Always Rebox with Notification. The Quinlan Companies will automatically rebox damaged cartons as they are encountered. You will also receive a list of the cartons which were reboxed.

What are the procedures for reboxing cartons?

Always Rebox Process.
Always Rebox Process with Notification.
How will I be billed for reboxing activities?

The Quinlan Companies Reboxes. Charges for The Quinlan Companies reboxing cartons will appear on your next monthly invoice. The reboxing charges include the price of the replacement carton and labor, at a rate per carton, to carry out the reboxing service. The rebox charge will appear on the invoice along with a charge for the new carton.

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