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Document Destruction and Recycling

Choosing a company you can trust is the most important step toward ensuring that the document management solution you select is not only secure and reliable, but convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well. That's why you should turn to The Quinlan Companies for your document destruction needs.

The Quinlan Companies provide you with confidential destruction of your medical reports, films, business and legal documents. Our destruction process ensures that your documents have been destroyed with the privacy requirements set forth in the HIPAA Act of 1996, HITECH and Red Flag Rule.

Our destruction process is implemented in a way to make sure that your documents are removed from your facility by our bonded couriers, transported to our facility following proper compliance with privacy laws and regulations. Materials are then transported to the destruction facility where your documents are either shredded or chemically destroyed. An official Certification of Destruction is generated and then sent to your attention.

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