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Offsite Secure Shredding

For 80 years, customers have been entrusting The Quinlan Companies to provide secure confidential destruction services for their film and paper documents. It is more important than ever to make sure you trust the vendor to handle all your destruction needs by following all regulatory and environmentally safe guidelines when destroying your records. You can rest assured that The Quinlan Companies will go the extra mile to protect the confidentiality of your information throughout the destruction process. When the process is complete we will provide you a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Film Destruction Services

Radiology film is similar to paper records, but the plastic nature of the materials requires it to be shredded separately from paper. Hospital x-rays contain confidential patient information that should never become public knowledge, and other types of film should also remain classified, even after they are destroyed.

The Quinlan Companies offer destruction services for all types of x-ray film, microfilm and microfiche that can be physically destroyed using our destruction process. The paper folders or jackets containing x-rays then shredded with other paper products.

Document Destruction Services

Document destruction is the most convenient and confidential way to shred vital business documents such as customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, quotations, and legal information, Without the proper containers and scheduled pickups, information ends up in the dumpster where it is available for anyone to read.

Our high-level security includes lockable containers, secure vehicles and bonded employees. All paper, cardboard, plastic and other media are shredded separately and recycled. A Certificate of Destruction is then provided to the customer.

The Quinlan Companies provide absolute confidentiality and security throughout the destruction cycle. Regardless of your location, volume of material, or unique handling and destruction requirements, we can customize a service to meet your individual needs.

Our staff of experienced personnel will collect and transport your materials to our HIPAA compliant secured facilities for destruction. We destroy all materials whether staples, clipped or bounded using state of the art shredding equipment. Please contact us for all your secure shredding needs.

Secure Shredding FAQ